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Visually stunning and historically significant, our manufacturing facility, at nearly 200 years of age, is still the backbone of our business and remains one of the most authentic 19th century feed mills in the State of Ohio. As equally impressive, the Mill has served in the same role continuously since the first cornerstone was placed by a few of the area’s original families.

Purpose-built along the banks of the Clear Fork river, the Mill was originally powered by a team of mules whose efforts would turn a belt-driven jack shaft. This process created energy for the augers and manufacturing elements needed to store grain and make feed. To this day, the jack shaft and early elements are still visible throughout the Mill.

Near the turn of the century, as Bellville business began growing around what is now Main Street, the Mill expanded with several additions to the original structure. It was around this time the Retail & Office Building was constructed.

We recently added a couple more landmark buildings to the Elzy facility. Building B, located across from the Retail & Office Building, formerly housed D H Bowman & Sons’ construction and management company. To this day a cornerstone rock that reads “Duck’s Place,” honoring Bowman patriarch Dwight “Ducky” Bowman, still stands in front of the property.

Across from the Mill sits Building C. Originally a milk processing facility, former tenants of this unique structure include the Carnation Milk Company and the Village of Bellville.

After purchasing the facility in June 2011, we immediately expanded the facility, services and product offerings. Investments were made in manufacturing equipment such as a crimper roller mill and updated mixers to ensure consistent quality in all feed products. The Mill received a new roofing system and western wall, and the addition of Buildings B and C assisted with product development and storage.

Currently the Retail & Office Building is being reimagined into a 2,400 sq. ft. retail facility that will showcase a wide range of products and informational materials. Expected to be completed in early 2014, the new space will display everything from gardening materials and pet items to bulk bird seed and home items.